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Fragile jewelry by Tatiana Semykina

Fragile jewelry by Tatiana Semykina

Beautiful jewellery pieces on the palms of the master. Fragile jewelry by Tatiana Semykina

Fragile jewelry by Tatiana Semykina
Young and beautiful Russian artist Tatiana Semykina creates unusual glitzy jewelry in lamp-work technique with the use of a special burner. Sometimes she puts the whole world inside these beads. As a result, her glass beads look charming. And today, Tatiana presents her author work under the brand Confettini. For this name she was looking for something very Italian, Confettini – small colorful candy. According to the master, she makes these sweets of glass for the soul, and for admiration. Tatiana Semykina is a historian of art, she graduated from the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

Glass art by Tatiana Semykina

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Tatiana Semykina has mastered the different application techniques quite well, and found something special in each of them. However, only glass captivated her. And now all her energy she invests in creating beautiful glass jewelry.

According to Tatiana, her fascination with lamp-work started by accident. Before she was doing batik (by the way, Tatiana graduated with honors from the Art School in “silk painting”) and wanted to paint a handkerchief. In addition, she wanted to decorate it with Venetian beads. So, she started looking for pictures of beads on the internet. Once, she came across a photo of bead creations, and some of them were quite bizarre things. She began to look further and became interested in creating beads.

Meanwhile, in her creative trip to Sweden she visited the national park Skansen, which exhibits different crafts. “I was very attracted by glassblowers. The glass-makers showed the process of creating vases and figurines. Looking at this fascinating idea, I stopped at the huge beautiful vase with coins. By tradition, all threw a coin into it and made a ​​wish. My desire was to try to ever work with glass. Apparently, I made ​​a wish in the right place!”

Fragile jewelry by Tatiana Semykina