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French actress Claude Jade

French actress Claude Jade in "Stolen kisses"

French actress Claude Jade in “Stolen kisses”

French actress Claude Jade was born on October 8th 1948 in Dijon, France. Daughter of Professor, Claude Jade spent three years at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Dijon, where in 1964 received the prize for ‘Best Actress’ for her performance as Agnes in Moliere polemical ‘Criticism on the ‘School for Wives’. After moving to Paris, Jade became a student of Jean – Laurent Cochet in the theater of Edward VII and began appearing in a number of television projects, including the role of Sylvia played in the TV series ‘The Rare Birds’. During the performance in the role of Frida in ‘Henri IV’ directed by Pirandello, the actress was noticed by the director Francois Truffaut, who was immediately conquered by her beauty, manners and ‘joie de vivre’.

French actress Claude Jade

French actress Claude Jade

Truffaut offered the role of Christine Darbon in his movie ‘Stolen Kisses’ 1968 to Claude Jade. The film received great acclaim and made Claude favorite actress for many viewers, even among critics, one of whom, American Pauline Kael, noted that “Claude Jade seems less refined, but more practical than Catherine Deneuve.”

French actress Claude Jade

French actress Claude Jade

Charming and naive fictional character Christine Darbon by Jade was reborn in another autobiographical film about the life of Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel, ‘Hearth’ 1970, where she became the first woman of Doinel, and later his wife. Gentle and sad in this movie, Jade reincarnated as Christina for the third time. This time as an independent and determined woman in the film ‘Stealing Love’ 1979. Trilogy, where the distance between the first and the last episode was ten years, she has attracted the attention of viewers from all over the globe.

Thanks to Truffaut, Jade was called ‘little bride of French cinema”. Francois Truffaut one time even offered her his hand and heart, asked for blessings from her parents, but at the last moment changed his mind. The actress found the strength to forgive him and keep friendly relations with him for life.

The French actress Claude also starred in the comedy “My Uncle Benjamin”, drama ‘Boat on the Grass’, played Laura, the daughter of Annie Girardot and Jean Rochefort, in the film ‘Lights Candlemas’; military melodrama ‘Forbidden Priests’ with Robert Hossein; and Dominic in the comedy ‘Le Pion’.

Outside France, the actress has worked in the USA, Belgium, Italy, Japan and the USSR. She starred in the Alfred Hitchcock’s (who thought that Jade is similar to Grace Kelly ) in his crime thriller ‘Topaz’. When the company ‘Universal’ suggested Claude exclusive contract for a period of seven years, she refused, preferring her native tongue. Last appearance in the U.S. projects was her participation in episodic television series ‘Hitchhiker’ in 1990.

Japanese director Kei Kumai invited Frenchwoman to the role of the nun Maria Theresa in his drama ‘Kita No Misaki’, a German director Gabi Kubach shot her in his film ‘Rendezvous in Paris’. In the early 1980s, Claude appeared in two Soviet films – ‘Tehran- 43’ and a film by Sergei Jutkevich ‘Lenin in Paris’, where she played Inessa Armand.

Claude Jade

French actress Claude Jade

Continuing to stay active in the 1990s, Claude was a member of the family comedy ‘Honor Roll’, played a shy lesbian Caroline Winberg in a comedy by Jean-Pierre Mocky ‘Hello’, and in 1998 in historical drama by Iradj Azimi ‘Raft of the Medusa’.

As a member of the Lyon Theater Company, Jade played at the theater stage, performing several notable roles, and most recently starred in the play ‘Celimene and the Cardinal’ in Paris and at festivals in 2006.

Claude Jade died of eye cancer that has spread to her liver, December 1, 2006, leaving her husband, French diplomat Bernard Coste, whom she married in 1972, and her son Pierre.

In 1975, the actress received the ‘Prix Orange’ at the Cannes Film Festival. For a great contribution to the French culture she was appointed Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor in 1998. Two years later, Claude was awarded ‘New Wave Award’ at the International Film Festival in West Palm Beach and then in 2002 earned the ‘Prix Réconnaissance des Cinéphiles’.

French actress Claude Jade