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Movie Poster Artist Drew Struzan

Collage of movie posters

Collage of movie posters by American artist Drew Struzan

American artist Drew Struzan was born in Oregon in 1947. He went to the Art Center College of Design after relocating to Los Angeles at age 18, where he decided to major in illustration. Throughout school he sold his artwork to make extra money and accepted a few commissions, graduating with honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree. “Amongst all the difficulty and turmoil of the business it was the place that dreams were made and it was a beautiful life for me.” – Drew Struzan

Movie Poster

A ‘Star Wars’ poster by Drew Struzan

As the 1990s arrived and digital animation began to dominate, Struzan’s hand-drawn artwork was in less demand. He created posters for such blockbusters as Hook, Hellboy and Harry Potter, but he began to find other outlets for his work including comic books, limited edition art, and the collectible market. As such his art can be found on such items as Franklin Mint pieces, a twelve plate collectible set commemorating Princess Diana, the 1996 edition of the board game Clue, and various U.S postage stamps.

Back to the future

Back to the future movie poster by American Artist Drew Struzan

A colorful account of the life and art of the recently retired Drew Struzan, whose amazing poster work from the 1970s onward still delights cineastes and casual observers. The mild-mannered Struzan reveals his background and technique, but it’s his gorgeous, iconic hand-drawn images that stick: “Star Wars,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Back to the Future,” “E.T.,” “The Muppet Movie” and many more.

Great Muppet Movie Poster

Great Muppet Caper Movie Poster by American Artist Drew Struzan

Fans and filmmakers like Steven Spielberg (“My films had to live up to the poster!”), George Lucas and Guillermo del Toro sing Struzan’s praises and salute his serious but fun style. The posters were “the first note of the movie,” as Michael J. Fox says. But the summary comes when the low-key Struzan offhandedly reveals what he often hears: “Give it your magic.”

Drew Struzan

Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones Movie poster by American artist Drew Struzan

The Mist movie poster

The Mist movie poster by American artist Drew Struzan

Harry Potter Movie Poster

Harry Potter Movie Poster by Drew Struzan

Indiana Jones Adventures

Indiana Jones Adventures by Drew Struzan

Jack Burton

Jack Burton in Big trouble, poster by American artist Drew Struzan

Movie posters

Movie posters by Drew Struzan

Movie posters

Movie posters by Drew Struzan

Police Academy

Police Academy Movie poster by Drew Struzan