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Tatyana Drubich doctor and actress

Tatyana Drubich doctor and actress

Beautiful Tatyana Drubich doctor and actress

Tatyana Drubich doctor and actress
Beautiful Russian film actress Tatyana Drubich was born on 7 June 1959 in Moscow. She has appeared in 20 films since 1972. However, according to Tatyana herself, she never wanted to be an actress. In 1972, at age 12, she was invited to play in a movie – in the heroic adventure film by Inna Tumanyan “Fifteenth Spring”. The second film was “One Hundred Days After Childhood” by Sergei Solovyov,” 1974. Her two roles were successful. Thus, for “One Hundred Days After Childhood” she received several prizes, including the “Silver Bear” at Berlin Film Festival. However, having graduated school in 1977, she chose another profession. Drubich entered Medical Faculty of Moscow Medical Dental Institute. After graduation, Tatyana Drubich worked at Community Health Center.

Tatiana Drubich

Film director Sergei Soloviev with his wife, Tatiana Drubich

At the same time, Tatyana Drubich occasionally played in films and increasingly appeared on the cover of “Soviet Screen”. Her former husband Sergei Soloviev was a film director (divorced in 1989). Their daughter, composer Anna Solovieva (born 27 June 1984), in 2006 graduated from high school theater and the performing arts in Munich, Department of the piano. In particular, Anna Solovieva gives concerts, collaborating with an orchestra “Salzburg Mozarteum” orchestra “Moscow Virtuosos”, Crimean Symphony Orchestra, and KREMLIN Chamber Orchestra.

Meanwhile, Tatyana Drubich – a classic type or Femme fatale. Random companion on the road, silent pilgrim on the road of life. She comes silently and disappears without explanation. In the early nineties, she opened a trendy nightclub “Ballroom”. There was good music, “new Russian” dancing on the tables, and… the continuing calls to the police. But exotica quickly disappeared. Currently, Drubich now has her own company in Germany, large house and “Land Rover”, similar to a funeral hearse, which she drives skilfully. Tatyana Drubich admires Russian actress Tatiana Samoilova and European actress Romy Schneider.

Tatyana Drubich doctor and actress

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