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Botanical paintings of Ellen Thayer Fisher

Botanical paintings of Ellen Thayer Fisher

Botanical paintings of Ellen Thayer Fisher (1847 – 1911)

Botanical paintings of Ellen Thayer Fisher. American artist Ellen Thayer Fisher (1847 – 1911), was born in Boston, Massachusetts, into the family of a doctor. Later her family moved to Brooklyn, New York. She married Edward Thornton Fisher in 1869, and started signing her prints with the Fisher name. Ellen (Nelly) Fisher was a self-taught artist, although her younger brother, Abbott Thayer taught her the techniques and technologies of drawing. Abbott studied at the Brooklyn Art School and then at the Academy of Design. Ellen Fisher became known for her watercolor botanical paintings, floral and foliage still lifes. Ellen Fisher exhibited her beautiful artworks at the Brooklyn Art Association.

Ellen Thayer Fisher

Watercolor still life painting by American artist Nellie Thayer/Ellen (Nellie) Bowditch Thayer Fisher (1847 – 1911)

Ellen Fisher had a contract with the prang Lithograph company and all of the paintings she did were on contract for a period of 3 years.
Some of the paintings her brother finished for her, adding the final details, that’s why they are signed with both of their names. Her paintings were signed “nellie” by her nickname, which is what she was called by her brother. Most of her works are in watercolors and gouache.

Botanical paintings of Ellen Thayer Fisher