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Theremin and theremists

Theremin and theremists. the inventor Leon Theremin

Leon Theremin, the inventor. Theremin and theremists

Theremin and theremists
If God or Gods or Angels or Devils could play a musical instrument, this would be, with no doubts, Theremin. An unprecedented Russian innovation, it’s simply magic. It’s a musical instrument that can’t be touched. Or, better: touched with no touch. The Theremin player, or the theremist, looks like a maestro with no button, a commander of an invisible orchestra, inebriating the listener with ether. In fact, theremin sounds like the wind coming inside through the window, or like the hypnotic chant of a mermaid, like the invisible presence of a phantom.
A performer manages sound without touching the instrument. Particularly, with the help of hand movements in the air near the two antennas, the only tool of its kind.
Meanwhile, Theremin sounds in academic, jazz, rock and pop music, Soviet and foreign films. Noteworthy, outstanding personalities played the theremin – Vladimir Lenin, Charlie Chaplin, and Albert Einstein. Today, such musicians as Sting, Jean-Michel Jarre, Rammstein, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Portheshead, Sting, Сплин, БГ, and БИ2 used it.
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