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World Largest Mosaics by Saimir Strati

World Largest Mosaics by Saimir Strati

Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci by Albanian artist – World Largest Mosaics by Saimir Strati

World Largest Mosaics by Saimir Strati
Some people are putting trash to a better use. In particular, Albanian artist Saimir Strati. He created a Mosaic using 229,764 corks which earned him the record for the World’s Largest Cork Mosaic. People who stayed at the Sheraton Tirana Hotel and Towers got to personally see the artist working 14 hours a day.
Meanwhile, in 2006, Saimir Strati began what has seemingly become an annual tradition of setting a Guinness World Record. Using industrial nails, the artist re-created the self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci using nearly 400 kg (880 lb) of nails over a 2 by 4 meters (6 ft 7 in × 13 ft 1 in) surface. The technique resembles digital photography, in that each nail represents a pixel. Noteworthy, the Guinness World Records confirmed it on September 4, 2006, as the World’s Largest Nail Mosaic.
Saimir Strati is primarily an artist who works in mosaics. He has used materials including nails, toothpicks, corks, sea glass, eggshells, compact discs, coffee beans, porcelain and mirror glass among other materials. He is also a painter.

Largest Cork Mosaic

Horse. World Largest Mosaics by Saimir Strati

Strati is using one million toothpicks on a polystyrene board measuring eight square-meters, to create what he hopes will enter the Guinness World Records as the largest 3-D nail mosaic ever attempted. The work will take around 40 days to complete.

On July 26, 2007, Saimir Strati began affixing toothpicks, a total of 1.5 million over a 4x2m surface, to create the image of a horse. The work – dedicated to Antonio Gaudi, and confirmed on September 4, 2007 as the World’s Largest Toothpick Mosaic. The largest toothpick mosaic was 8m2 (86.11 sq. feet) by Saimir Strati (Albania) and displayed at the Arbnori International Centre of Culture, Tirana, Albania on 4 September 2007. According to the artist, he used 1.5 million toothpicks and worked 40 days to achieve this record.

In fact, Strati spent 13 hours a day for 40 days on the mosaic measuring two by four meters in a technique resembling digital camera pixels, using either sharpened or blunt ends of oak, poplar and bamboo toothpicks.

Romeo with a crown of grapes playing the guitar while dancing with the sea and the sun. Largest mosaic made of corks created by Albanian artist Saimir Strati in Tirana September 4, 2008. Strati glued 229,764 corks of various shapes and colors over a plastic banner measuring 12.94 meters by 7.1 meters to make the art piece. He worked 14 hours a day for 28 days and completed his project on Thursday.

Michael Jackson. In November 2009, for the Guinness World Record Day Saimir Strati finished The largest Paint Brush Mosaic; The mosaic made by the artist all over Albania in every city. And he finished it in the center of Tirana the capital of Albania. He decided to do this Art work and also a Paint brush mosaic with gigantic sizes for the honor of Michael Jackson after his death. This was the fourth Guinness world Record For Him And Albania.

World Largest Mosaics by Saimir Strati