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2015 Blue Wooden goat

2015 Blue Wooden goat. Blue goat with a kid 2015 Gzhel porcelain sculpture, photo from website

2015 Blue Wooden goat. Blue goat with a kid 2015 Gzhel porcelain sculpture, photo from website

According to the eastern calendar, upcoming 2015 will be managed by Blue Wooden goat, or sheep. Although it will come into power only 19 of February, but in Russia it is the tradition to welcome it on the 31st of December. Before you prepare Christmas gifts or decide what to wear on New Year’s celebration, and how to lay the table, it is better to know what energy elements and symbols correspond to the symbol of new year.

2015 Blue Wooden goat

Christmas tree decoration – goat bell

In Chinese the eighth sign of the east zodiac is called Yang. As we know, Yang Yan – is masculine, unlike the female Yin. And it is consistent with the animal, which will replace the lush Horses. Despite the fact that goats and sheep belong to the female sex (at least in Russian), they are not too emotional, but relaxed and friendly. On the one hand, they are warm, fluffy and homemade creations, on the other hand – they can easily butt horns. It is well known for those who keep cattlet – farm workers.

2015 Blue Wooden goat, photo from website

Blue goat 2015 Gzhel porcelain sculpture, photo from website

The main element of the coming year is the Tree, and its colors – blue and green (by the way, 2014 is the year of Horse, Blue and wood). In short, as gifts and souvenirs for the holiday would be appropriate any wooden objects symbolizing the ruler of the year. It may be, for example, wooden figurines of sheep and goats, painted in matching colors.

Magicians and astrologers advised to use the symbols of the year as talismans and amulets. A lucky mascot can become green wooden sheep. If you want to make money talisman, it is the best to have a braid, woven from goat or sheep’s wool, which you actually can do with your own hands.

But instead of an amulet you can use blue, made of wood figure of a goat. You can keep a statuette (for example, in your pocket), put it on the shelf in the house or if it is very tiny, hang on a chain around the neck. Beautiful amulet can also be a bell – no wonder these products are always hung on the neck of the animal: Among other functions, they also ward off evil spirits.

By the way, do not forget to use these charms not only during the holidays but throughout the year. To access a talisman or amulet for help, you should take it in your hands, rub and make a wish by yourself, or deliver your request or desire aloud. You can also charge the talisman with energy, putting it on the window of the lunar night, or leave it in the afternoon under the rays of the sun or near a heat source. But you needn’t tell strangers that you use this little thing as a magical artifact. If a thing is quite small, it is better to put in a safe place, to hide it from those who come to the house. For example, keep it in a drawer bedside tables.

The symbolism of the year should be reflected in the interiors. So, the house should have at least one figurine of patroness of the year, which should be hung on the Christmas tree or put on the Christmas table. Do not forget about the bells. They can be hung on the Christmas tree, and not only – around the house – they are attracting happiness to the house! Besides figurines, are also suitable frames or vases featuring the character of the year.

Mistress of the year does not like unnecessary frills. But she loves the warmth and comfort. Decorate the interior with decorative woodwork, knitted cloths, toys made of felt. Wooden bowls, cups, spoons, blue and green shades of dishes, tablecloths and napkins – ideal for serving festive table.

As a gift for this New Year is suitable primarily wooden jewelery, for example, pendants in the form of goats and sheep. Good gift will be warm socks knitted from sheep or goat hair. You can give jewelry with onyx and aquamarine – they are stones of Goats.

Accordingly, you can use the “themed” jewelry as part of your image for a Christmas party. But it is clear that you will primarily take care of the clothes. It goes without saying that for the New Year will be the optimal blue dress of blue and green hues. And equally appropriate for you will be blue jeans with rhinestones, emerald green evening dress. The only thing that goat does not tolerate – dark and dull colors. The brighter, the better.

2015 Blue Wooden goat