Beauty will save…. Beauty in everything – beautiful people and art, life style and nature, colors and jewelry, movies and religion

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Beauty is inherent in all living things and all life, from the atom to the universe. People kill, destroy and people create! And beauty outweighs the balance, on one side of which is desire for development, on the other side – chaos, ugly – disease and death. Beauty will save the world. Without beauty there is no life, no development is possible without beauty. Beauty – a generic, intuitive way of truth criteria, given to man by nature. All strive for beauty creating material things and trying to get better, work hard for the beauty of the soul. Isn’t it important?

“Beauty is the last Guiding star in those twilights, in which resides the soul of modern humanity. Shattered religion, philosophical systems – broken down, and in this monstrous confusion remains one absolute, unconditional one revelation – that’s the Beauty. It should lead humanity to the light, and it should not give it to die.” Alexander Benois, 1905.