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Beautiful Bodypainting by Emma Hack

Bodypainting by Emma Hack

A woman with a bird. Bodypainting by Emma Hack, Australian artist

Bodypainting by Emma Hack
A young 22 year-old Australian artist Emma Hack creates really gorgeous designs utilizing female models that she successfully blends in with their surroundings. The effect is beautifully crisp, vibrant, creating the impression of living three dimensional wallpaper. As a result, Emma Hack has received much attention from international and interstate press, and published stories featuring her art. In particular, in New York Daily, UK Telegraph, The Mirror, The UK Sun, China Daily, Spanish People Daily, CCTV , The Advertiser, Tasmanian Mercury, and Sydney Morning Herald. Besides, many design magazines worldwide featured her art. Among them – ‘Platform’ magazine, India and upcoming ‘Le Tabure’ Magazine, Russia and ‘Home Concepts’ magazine, Singapore.

Emma Hack

A carefully constrived camouflage. Bodypainting by Australian artist Emma Hack

Bodypainting by Emma Hack