Beauty will save

Beauty in everything

Creative art by NuKuZu

Awakening. Creative art by NuKuZu

Awakening. Creative art by NuKuZu, German artist

Creative art by NuKuZu
Graphic artist and illustrator from Germany works in different techniques. NuKuZu was born on November 24, 1983. In fact, his art is an interaction of different forms of art, from abstract graphics and portrait collages, to painting and vintage photographs, as well as animated images. These truly astonishing pictures are well composed and have strong messages. Meanwhile, most of his paintings are commissioned works created in collaboration with art galleries. Created in unique style, with the use of various colors and textures, these images are beautiful, interesting, and appealing.

art by NuKuZu

A stone sun. Creative art by German artist NuKuZu

Creative art by NuKuZu