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Hyper-realistic paintings by Boyko Kolev

Hyperrealistic painting by Boyko Kolev

Cherries. Hyper-realistic paintings by Boyko Kolev, Bulgarian artist

Hyper-realistic paintings by Boyko Kolev
Boyko Kolev is a talented artist from Sofia, Bulgaria. He has worked as a reproduction artist for many years, studying techniques and harmonious specifics of classics. And now, he is really good at painting in general, thanks to the priceless experience. Indeed, who could be better teachers if not geniuses of different eras, and their timeless masterpieces? However, Boyko Kolev, as a talented student, has found his own place in the world of art, creating incredible hyper-realistic world.

paintings by Boyko Kolev

Candle flame. Hyperrealistic painting by Bulgarian artist Boyko Kolev

Boyko Kolev studied in the best Art Academy. Copyright canvases by the artist revealed to viewers an incredible hyper-realistic world. In this style, the images coming out of the canvas conquer the viewers. They are not a repetition of the familiar elements of reality, and have their own value.

Hyper-realistic paintings by Boyko Kolev