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Beauty in everything

Beautiful photoart by Sarolta Ban

Photo-art by Sarolta Ban

Two bears. Beautiful photoart by Sarolta Ban, Hungarian self-taught photographer

Photoart by Sarolta Ban
Born in 1982 in Budapest, Sarolta Ban is a talented self-taught photographer. However, Sarolta does not like to talk about herself and traditionally, says: “Let my photography speak for me.” According to Sarolta, to create a good image a photographer does not need unique environment, or exotic object. You can see the beauty in the simple. For example, she uses ordinary life shots and works on them from several hours to several days. Sometimes it is necessary to impose up to a hundred layers. The result is more than impressive. Noteworthy, Sarolta does not use professional cameras, never got any knowledge on the basics of photography and photo processing.

Photoart by Hungarian self-taught photographer Sarolta Ban

A girl and a bear. Photoart by Hungarian self-taught photographer Sarolta Ban

Photoart by Sarolta Ban