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Abandoned Russian Village In Japan

Abandoned Russian Village in Japan

A copy of St. Basil’s Cathedral in the Japanese town of Niigata. Abandoned Russian Village In Japan

Abandoned Russian Village In Japan
Undoubtedly, Niigata, located in Japan is a sad sight for any Russian. Following the fall of the USSR a crowd of tourists consisting both of businessmen and those willing to sell old Japanese cars in Russia invaded Japan. The number of Russian citizens living next to eastern ports increased hundreds of times leading to launching an entertainment park next to Niigata city in 1993.
Called Niigata Russian Village, the place included a church, hotel, museums, restaurants, circus and many other buildings. The village had been there for 10 years and ceased to exist after collapse of the financing bank. Let’s see in detail what is left till today.

Abandoned Russian Village Niigata in Japan

Orthodox churches and Russian world in the village of Niigata in Japan

Located several kilometers away from the railway, one can reach the village only by cars. Noteworthy is a copy of Suzdal Cathedral, situated next to the parking lot. In addition, a hotel building served as an example of classical architecture.

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