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Alexandra Dmitrieva model

Alexandra Dmitrieva model

Green-eyed Beautiful Russian model and actress Sasha Dmitrieva, 12 years old. Alexandra Dmitrieva model

Alexandra Dmitrieva model
First of all, there isn’t much information on the net about this beautiful young Russian girl, whose photo attracted my attention. According to her page on website, Alexandra Dmitrieva, though still promising, yet is already an experienced model. 12 year-old green-eyed model and actress is from Moscow. She is a sporty girl, engaged in synchronized swimming. Sasha is the fourth child in the family, she has two elder sisters and 10 year-old brother. Her colleagues and friends see bright future for Alexandra’s modelling career. So do I.
However, it soon became clear that something went wrong in the modeling career of the beautiful girl. In particular, in the spring of 2012, her mother, Erinika Berkalova asked for help. According to her, the beauty and life of the young model destroys the hump. In particular, Alexandra has a severe form of idiopathic scoliosis of the thoracic spine, which can lead to serious impairment of lung and heart functions and further deformation of the spine. She needs urgent surgery as soon as possible. Meanwhile, this sad story began a year ago, when on a regular photo shoot of 11-year-old child model Alexandra Dmitrieva, the photographer, looking through the pictures, suddenly noticed that Sasha’s spine is twisted.

Beautiful Russian model Alexandra Dmitrieva

Work by Photographer Nadezhda Shibina. Beautiful Russian model Alexandra Dmitrieva

According to her mother, Sasha was a mobile and cheerful child. Her passion is a horse. And since childhood she has been passionate about this, riding, and caring for horses. Besides, she loves various winter sports. She is a creatively developed child, shooting in movies, advertising, participating in creative and charitable projects.

“Unfortunately, despite the two operations, neither gymnastics, nor corset, obviously did not help. She felt terribly tired after being on her feet. And the child lies more and more, even eats and does homework while lying down. We started looking for clinics in Russia and abroad”. Erinika Berkalova

Alexandra Dmitrieva model

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