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Alexei Kurbatov’s illustrations

Alexei Kurbatov's illustrations

Medvedev and other politicians. Alexei Kurbatov’s illustrations

Alexei Kurbatov’s illustrations
A brilliant self-taught artist Alexei Kurbatov lives in Moscow. His amazing illustrations of famous people show the skills of an old master, though he is still in his twenties. Drawing from the age of 7 years old, without special art education he embraced an artistic career. Worked as a textile designer, later for Russian magazines, album covers, posters and books. His vintage celebrities illustrations – wonderfully detailed, having a high narrative quality, capturing the mood of an era and the essence of a person. According to Alex, not every person, even famous can inspire him. Lady Gaga, for example, might never be a choice for his famous people portrait.

Illustrations by Russian artist Alexei Kurbatov

Russian artist Alexei Kurbatov

Alexei Kurbatov’s illustrations
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