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Amazing jewelry art by Vaagn Mkrtchyan

Beautiful jewelry art by Vaagn Mkrtchyan

Gold pendant with a portrait of a gorgeous woman. Beautiful jewelry art by Vaagn Mkrtchyan, Armenian artist and designer

Jewelry art by Vaagn Mkrtchyan
Talented Armenian jeweler Vaagn Mkrtchyan is the leading designer of a Russian jewelry House “Estet”. Besides, he is the author of beautiful exclusive collections, such as “Passion” and “Black Magic”. His masterpieces radiate love, and according to the artist, this is the inspiration for any work of any master. At least the artist himself believes in it. Meanwhile, Vaagn is a very handsome young man of 31, and I am sure his best works are still in his successful future. Good luck Vaagn.

Beautiful jewelry art by Armenian artist-jeweler Vaagn Mkrtchyan

Gold, diamond and sapphires set of jewellery – ring and earrings. Work by Armenian designer Vaagn Mkrtchyan

Amazing jewelry art by Vaagn Mkrtchyan

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