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Beautiful People Travel Free

Beautiful People Travel Free

A new website states – Beautiful People Travel Free

Beautiful People Travel Free
According to a recently launced website, beautiful people can travel free. In particular, the website just creatively hooks up beautiful women with rich men. In fact, this is a dating service, but only meant for the wealthy and the attractive people. Once registered, good looking women can go on a trip with generous rich men, who will, of course, take care of all the expenses. Registering at is free. Also, you can sign up either as an Attractive Traveler or a Generous Traveler. Accordingly, the former obviously gets to travel for free and the latter pays for the trip.

Beautiful People Travel Free

Who needs money, Travel Free

As noted above, an Attractive Traveler account is for “beautiful people who want to travel for free” and the Generous Traveler option is for “generous members who are seeking to travel with a beautiful companion”. And of course, who are willing to pay for all travel expenses.” Besides, The Generous Travelers need to pay the website when they decide to make communication with an Attractive Traveler.

Once a GT meets and AT and wishes to propose a travel, one of three options can be selected. Travel with Me: meant for finding someone to travel with you to a new destination; Come to Me: if you wish for someone to travel to your home city; Show Me Your Town: If you want to visit someone at his/her home city. Whatever the type of travel, at the rule is that the GT needs to bear all the travel expenses at all times. And the people who sign up for travel partners are supposedly doctors, lawyers, bankers, athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and executives.

Of course, there seem to be several things wrong with the type of dating model the website provides. For starters, it’s very difficult to believe that this isn’t an escort service in disguise. Several people have tweeted that is nothing short of prostitution. But website founder Brandon Wade is very quick to dismiss all these concerns. “Escorts are bad for the dating business,” he says.

“They destroy the experience. If a guy comes to a site that’s advertised a dating site and finds escorts, he’s going to be turned off by that.” And yet, escorts do create profiles on, just as they have on Wade’s previous ventures – and He says that he spends a lot of money removing escorts from all his businesses and 20 to 30 escorts are kicked out each day. does, however, promise luxury vacations that are spent at “five-star resorts and dinner at top-rated restaurants.” Put an attractive woman and a rich man together in such environments, and I guess I don’t need to tell you what the expectations are. Which is why people view this as a type of escort service.

Another major problem posed by is safety. It’s not exactly one of the best ideas to be trudging off half way across the world with a complete stranger. There is a full section on the website dedicated to travel safety tips and advice. The first point on the list is, “Never travel out of the country or to a different city to meet someone you do not know well.”

So far, we don’t really know if there have been any successful trips from this website since it’s all pretty new. According to Wade the site has over 16,000 members, but he hopes to know more about the actual vacations in the next few weeks. We just hope that anyone who uses the website manages to stay safe. As they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Beautiful People Travel Free