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Cats monuments

Cats monuments. Ivory sculpture in stone in St. Petersburg

Ivory sculpture in stone in St. Petersburg. Cats monuments

Cats monuments in Russia and all over the world. Ivory cat sculpture in St. Petersburg. Initially, before the foundation of St. Petersburg, the island had Finnish name Kissaisaari, which meant Cat Island. To recall this, in front of the port offices of the island was set a stone sculpture of a cat. Address: house number 24, Kanonersky island, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Monument cat Panteleimon, Kiev. Cats monuments

Panteleimon, the cat in Kiev

Bronze statue of cat Panteleimon is on a rock in front of Golden Gate Park, in the historical center of Kiev. The author of the monument – Bogdan Mazur. In the restaurant opposite the Golden Gate lived a live prototype – gray Persian cat Pantyusha. Cat loved the restaurant staff as well as his guests – a cat never allowed himself to sleep, while not personally convinced that all guests felt comfortable.
Unfortunately, he died tragically in a fire in a restaurant – suffocated in the smoke. And after a while friends gave the restaurant a bronze statue of a cat. In the original version on a pedestal next to the cat was a bird. However, after vandals cut it down several times, the authorities decided to leave the cat in splendid isolation. Meanwhile, Pantyusha enjoys great success with visitors to the city. There’s no end to wanting to be photographed, that’s why the cat ears and tail are already shining with gold polished brass. Thus, the pet brings joy to people even after death. If you touch the cat on the ear and tail, you can make a wish, which will come true.

Cats monuments.

The funny cat statue with sausages in Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo region

Tomsk sculptor and artist Oleg Kislitsky produced two sculptures – “Cow Mania” and “Talking Cat”. Sculpture of a cat, according to O. Kislitsky, will decorate the meat producing factory gate. Meanwhile, this fat cat is unique. If you touch one of the sausages, then the cat pronounces some phrase. Different phrases, for example: “The best fish is a sausage”. Address: Anzhero-Sudzhensk Meat Factory, Kemerovo region, Russia.

Monument to a cat Alabrys (popularly referred to as a monument of the Cat of Kazan). Cats monuments

Alabrys, referred to as a monument of the Cat of Kazan

According to the ahe author of the monument Bashmakov, this is not just a collective image of Kazan cat. This is the legendary mouser Alabrys, first of the cats sent from Kazan to catch mice in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. Noteworthy, the Empress Catherine II, during her visit to Kazan, noted that the city is free of mice. So, she ordered to move 30 best cats to St. Petersburg. Thus, the cats from Kazan found themselves in the royal apartments, where all the rodents quickly disappeared. And now their descendants live in the Hermitage. In addition, each April 1 the museum arranges a holiday – puts in a myriad of goodies. In fact, the cat statue in Kazan is also a monument to the good old stories with cats.

Monument to cat Totti, Russia. Cats monuments

Totti, the cat, monument in Russia

Sitting on a granite boulder bronze cat Totti (Swedish correct Tutti) – Edith Irene’s favorite. Totti died on the grave of Edith. This sculpture is made by Finnish sculptor Nina Terno and installed in the village Roshchino.

Cats monuments

Towser in Crieff, Monument to a cat

Cat Towser was record holder for catching mice. During his long life (from 1963 to 1987), he caught 28,899 mice and was even included in the “Guinness Book of Records.” This pussy gently brought mice to people, and thus became possible to calculate how many mice he caught. Grateful descendants placed a monument to the cat.

Cats monuments

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