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Chinese Silk embroidery on silk

Chinese Silk embroidery on silk

Foxes’ family. Chinese Silk embroidery on silk

Chinese Silk embroidery on silk looks shiny, neat, beautiful and realistic. However, it is impossible to acieve such accuracy even if you have perfect silk and thread. Such masterpieces appear thanks to the patience, skills, talent, and hard work. Noteworthy, Suzhou embroidery, among other major styles, is more than two thousand years old. Done on a translucent silk, knots are hidden so that both sides seem facial embroidery.
Meanwhile, silk embroidery appeared over 2000 years ago in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. And today there even exists Institute of silk embroidery, which observes principles and techniques which have not changed for the millennium. For embroidery craftsmen use only natural silk thread, of 80 different shades of colors. Besides, yarn dyed by hand specifically for each picture.

Chinese embroidery

Night landscape. Traditional Chinese silk embroidery

Motifs and themes of Chinese embroidery are mostly classical: animals, plants, fish and flowers. Everything is thought out and well-established, according to traditional subordinated believe. For example, the image of a tiger – to protect against the evil eye, and orchid – a sign of loyalty. The shape and structure of the silk thread allows to paint over 1500 shades, and accordingly, realistic effect is achieved.

Also, silk embroidery – a very laborious process, and even a small work takes about 3 months. There are cases when one embroidery work took more than 8 years.

Among the skillful masters creating delicate, elegant author embroidery – lots artists of applied art. In particular, Zhao Dunbin, Zhang Chunfang, Ta Ting, Chen Yun, Wang Wei Zhong, Yun Wang, Xue Ding Ting, Sun Chung-shan, Wu Huang, Chi Mei Yo, Ting Yun, Yang Chen, Qian Wu, Chi Mei Yo, and Sima Qian.
According to the book “Secret Treasures Qing,” the master of embroidery uses needles, thin as a hair. Colors are so vivid that dazzle the eye. Landscapes and houses – placed from the right perspective, and the flowers and the birds seem alive.
Noteworthy, Silk thread does not fade and keeps its original for decades.

Chinese Silk embroidery on silk