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Colorful finger paintings by Iris Scott

Colorful finger paintings by Iris Scott

My Thai Sunbrella. Oil, Colorful finger paintings by Iris Scott, New York City, Brooklyn artist, born 1984

Colorful finger paintings by Iris Scott.

Contemporary impressionist artist Iris Scott paints beautiful images with her fingers. She creates colorful paintings in her unique style using surgical gloves. Iris started oil finger painting in 2009 when she had been living in Southern Taiwan. The young and beautiful artist came upon the technique by chance and has not used brushes since. As a result of symbiosis of the study of classics and her imagination, Iris Scott creates vibrant arts in the post-impressionistic style that echoes the works of the old masters. The unique style of coloring her world 28-year-old Iris Scott attracts collectors from around the world. Her inspiration is found in the colors and cultures she visits – Taiwan, Thailand, and her recent trip to Nicaragua, where she has spent six weeks. The traveling artist Iris Scott is currently creating the set of original finger paintings entitled “The Nicaragua Collection.”

Colorful finger painting by Iris Scott, 28-year-old artist impressionist

Endless field. American Fine art painter Iris Scott

Neuroaesthethics, a new field of science, has begun researching whether our aesthetic preferences are guided by a set of universal laws we’ve inherited. Do we have instincts for the beautiful, the healthy, the vibrant, the natural? Iris Scott thinks so, and this belief is reflected in her abundant body of work. Scott believes that god-given talent is a myth and that, instead, art arises out of each individual’s unique curiosities and motivation to pursue thousands of hours of practice.

Beautiful artist Iris Scott painting with fingers

Beautiful artist Iris Scott, Brooklyn, New York City

Colorful finger paintings by Iris Scott