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Eugene Gavlin’s landscapes and flowers

Eugene Gavlin's landscapes and flowers

Eugene Gavlin’s landscapes and flowers. Colorful painting by Russian artist Eugene Gavlin

Eugene Gavlin’s landscapes and flowers. Talented Russian artist Eugene Gavlin was born in 1958 in the Far East of Russia, now lives and works in Moscow. He is a member of the Artists Union of Russia. Eugene Galvin came to Moscow many years ago. He graduated from Moscow Pedagogical Institute for Correspondence Studies (now Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities), department of graphic art. The artist works in the technique of pointillism (dot painting), using palette knife and brush. Eugene tries to express on canvas the sound of life, extreme realism. The artworks of the master hint on existing somewhere near magical colored worlds. They are like music – open, and dynamic. Eugene Gavlin participated in more than 50 exhibitions. His works are in private collections in Russia, France, UK, USA and other countries. Let’s enjoy his beautiful colorful landscapes, still life flowers filled with sunlight.

Eugene Gavlin's landscapes

Eugene Gavlin’s landscapes and flowers

Russian artist Eugene Gavlin: “I am engaged in painting and drawing most of my life … children’s school, art school, institute. For me the most important in the work is the energy, light and color! When I look out the window at the leaden sky of Moscow, I want to create something light, sunny and cheerful (I think in a past life, I was Brazilian) … and to share with you! … Even in rainy watercolor landscapes, I try to avoid the darkness and gloom! It would be desirable that the work would have energy, and carry a positive, good charge”.

Eugene Gavlin’s landscapes and flowers