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Hyperrealist artist Damian Loeb

Hyperrealist artist Damian Loeb

Painting by hyperrealist artist Damian Loeb

Hyperrealist artist Damian Loeb. New York based self-taught painter Damian Loeb has always been fascinated with photography and cinematography. Damian Loeb as most hyperrealist artists first takes pictures with his camera, painstakingly sorts and edits them, and then retouches those images that will turn into oil paintings. Loeb’s latest collection of works has been influenced by the noir genre of 1960s French cinema with its femme fatales, fallen women in black stockings and high heels and seedy motels. Damian Loeb’s painted masterpieces inspired by cinematography exhibit remarkable attention to detail, with little to no evidence of brushstrokes.

'Vega'. oil on linen. 2013

‘Vega’. oil on linen. 2013

‘Vega’. oil on linen. 2013. Painting titled after the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.


Tachypsychia. Oil on linen. 2008. Hyperrealist artist Damian Loeb

This painting refers to a neurological condition that alters the perception of time, making events appear to slow down, or contract, with objects appearing as moving in a blur.

Pareidolia. Oil on Linen. 2008

Pareidolia. Oil on Linen. 2008

‘Pareidolia’, painting depicting a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random sound or image being perceived as significant, such as seeing images of animals or faces in clouds.

Looking at Damian’s hyperrealist canvasses it is hard to believe they are not photographs, but up close, it is evident that the works are indeed paintings. Before turning to hyper realism, Loeb created collages made up of photographs, and then painted his interpretation of these collages. Loeb’s goal as a hyperrealist artist is to open a new chapter in a conversation between the viewer and the artist by creating ‘personal film stills.’ Damian Loeb art collection includes female nude form, urban landscapes and space.

Hyperrealist artist Damian Loeb