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Peter Rocha Jelly Beans Art

Peter Rocha Jelly Beans Art. Queen Elizabeth II Jelly Bean Mosaic

Queen Elizabeth II mosaic portrait. Peter Rocha Jelly Beans Art

Peter Rocha Jelly Beans Art
American artist from San Francisco Peter Rocha started his jellybean mosaics because in the early 1980′s he heard President Ronald Reagan loved jellybeans. So, he decided to make a mosaic portrait of him out of jellybeans. Noteworthy, Reagan loved the portrait and it still hangs in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Also, the Jelly Belly Candy Co., which produces the jellybeans that Peter always used, has a large factory in Fairfield that features many of his masterpieces in the factory tours.
According to Peter Rocha, to create his great works of art he first paints the image on a piece of wood. Next, he paints it over with varnish and sticks each colored jellybean to it. After all the jellybeans were in place he would paint it with another coat of varnish so no insects could eat it.

Jelly Beans art

Peter Rocha and his nephew Roger have created amazing mosaics made out of Jelly Belly, jellybeans.

Peter Rocha Jelly Beans Art