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Kaliningrad amber paintings

Painting of amber, Kaliningrad amber paintings

Bouquet. Painting of amber, Kaliningrad, Russia

Kaliningrad amber paintings. All these beautiful amber paintings, mosaic pictures are made in Kaliningrad region, Russia. Amber keeps frozen ray of sunshine for millions of years, so the pictures of amber are not only unique work of art, but also part of the sun’s heat, carried through millions of years. Painting made of amber is believed to have positive energy and positive effect on the human. The technique of making amber paintings is very similar to mosaics. Contour of the image is manually applied to cardboard or canvas and drawing is covered with amber crumbs, or amber beads of a certain size and color. Baguette is often made ​​of wood. Amber paintings are a real work of art, main genre – landscapes, portraits, icons, animals, etc.

Bouquet in frame. Kaliningrad amber paintings

Bouquet in frame. Painting of amber, Kaliningrad, Russia

The variety and beauty of amber paintings are due to a range of colors of amber, which includes the entire spectrum of sunlight. There are no two identical amber stones. Amber crumb can serve as background images for the placement of large stones, and can be a major element, filling the canvas. Sometimes to make the picture bright, or to add blue, green colors the masters use crumb composite material with turquoise and malachite.

Kaliningrad amber paintings