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Moonstone timeless beauty

Moonstone timeless beauty

Your reliable defender from unpleasant people – Moonstone timeless beauty

Moonstone timeless beauty
I saw a flash, then a sparkle from a moonstone
Then the mist started, started to clear
I saw a face, a face in the moonstone
Then it started to disappear.
Undoubtedly, the charm of moonstone is amazing. It has an unusual pale bluish sheen, reminiscent of moonlight. Moonstone, and the other name – adularia, a rare mineral from potassium feldspar group. And the name comes from the name adularia Swiss mountains Adoula. Because of the highlights that appear on its surface, the stone has the effect of “cat’s eye.” Besides, it is very fragile – and compression strokes are not for it.

Moonstone timeless beauty

Romantic and sensitive, it is good for lovers who will live in harmony. Moonstone timeless beauty

Meanwhile, the richest known deposit is in Sri Lanka. In addition, mined in Brazil, Australia, India and other places. Bluish-white surface of the stone is endowed with the ability to “moon blinking” – sparkling play blues called irisation. Called “fish eye”, however, there are also yellow stones, called silinit. Also, the Indian people call the moonstone “dzhandarkand”, which means “moonlight”.

According to belief, Moonstone represents the power of the moon field. Suitable for people born in the full moon, it has magical power. Moonstone embodies the positive features of the moon and brings happiness, it is also good for people with strong character and intolerance.

According to belief, the owner of Moonstone can write poetry and beautifully express thoughts. Romantic and sensitive, it is good for lovers who will live in harmony. In particular, the moonstone will help them understand each other without words. And if the beloved grow cold to each other – the stone fades. Besides, it pacifies those who have an explosive nature, and will lead to constructive ways to achieve goals.

According to belief, the stone brings happiness and appreciated as a gift for a lover, as it awakens tender feelings. A stone of love and harmony with the environment, many people valued it more than gold and regarded as sacred.

However, astrologers do not recommend the use of moonstone force to fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The stone brings prosperity and happiness to Cancers and Pisces.

Meanwhile, the Moonstone keeps many mystical secrets. And opinions about its positive and negative properties are different. Some experts believe that it brings misfortune – the moon affects the whole human race. Others, however, argue that the stone embodies the positive qualities of the moon and makes people happy.

Moonstone timeless beauty