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Natalia Ragozina undefeated boxer

Natalia Ragozina undefeated boxer

Russian beauty Natalia Ragozina undefeated boxer

Natalia Ragozina undefeated boxer
Beautiful Natascha Ragosina, 33, an undefeated and undisputed professional boxer, entered the Guinness Book of Records. Currently ranked as the top female super middleweight in the world. Russia’s glamorous female champion boxer Natalia Ragozina has landed a heavyweight belt in a spectacular knockout victory in her first fight in her home country. Dubbed “The Russian Tsarina”, she is the single mother of a ten-year-old son. Meanwhile, her photos decorate magazines including Penthouse. Also, she has improved her pro boxing record to 22 wins and no losses, with 13 knockouts. On top of her athletic talents, Ragozina added this year’s “Miss Sport Russia” beauty contest.

Natascha Ragosina Russian boxer

Natascha Ragozina Russian boxer

Born April 5, 1976 in Karaganda, Natalia Ragozina grew up in the Russian-Tatar family. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a flight attendant and a model. But, once on the plane, realized that she was afraid to fly. Her way to the sport Natalia started with athletics. In the box she came by accident, and the first sparring ended in a broken blood face. With this began a career of the famous boxer. In 1993, Natalia moved to live in the city of Nizhny Tagil.

First, Ragozina won her kickboxing tournament at the age of 17. In 1998 she went to Moscow on the invitation of famous sports manager Mark Meltzer. Russia’s first winner of the title of Honored Master of Sport in Kickboxing (1998). Next, in 1999, she moved to amateur boxing. For a few years of performing in the boxing ring she twice won the title of world champion. Also won a gold medal at the European Championship and became the owner of the World Cup.

Currently, Natalia is the most titled woman in professional boxing. In particular, Two-time world champion, winner of the World Cup, two-time European champion and five-time Russian champion in amateur boxing. Besides, Two-time world champion, Asian champion and five-time champion of Russia in kickboxing.

The gorgeous sportswoman now lives in Moscow. Divorced, and has a son Ivan (born in 2001). Natalya has three sisters and a brother. The desire to be a model appeared later, and she began performing in the boxing ring. She has model looks, and starred in the nude for the German tabloid «Bild». According to her “to get a good experience and to learn to be relaxed.” And in 2007, Natalia posed nude for the magazine «Sim».

In addition, Ragozina won the grand prize at the Fifth International Festival of Sports Films “Atlas” for the best feature film about the sport. In June 2010, as part of the 32nd Moscow International Film Prize «Angel Kiss Awards» Natalia Ragozina received an award «for angelic appearance”.

Natalia Ragozina undefeated boxer