Beauty will save

Beauty in everything

Painted photographs by ImagineStudio

Painted photographs by ImagineStudio, artist Lyse

Behind the starry window. Painted photographs by ImagineStudio, Canadian photo artist Lyse

Painted photographs by ImagineStudio
The author of these stunningly beautiful collages and painted photographs is Lyse, Canadian artist. Her ImagineStudio offers fine art giclee prints of digital collages, photomontages and painted photographs. Canadian photo artist Lyse is from Montreal, Quebec. According to her, she is a die-hard romantic. “All that I feel and produce is pure emotions. I love everything that inspires and initiates joy and creativity to all beings and all that we do.”

Painted photographs by Canadian photo artist Lyse (ImagineStudio)

Beautiful woman’s portrait. Artwork by Canadian photo artist Lyse (ImagineStudio)

I love life in all it forms, creativity in all its forms, laughter and joy of life. Also, I love loving and being in love. My family and my friends and I love my work. All that brings hope and tenderness. I love discovering each and every day as being a unique opportunity to feel all that I love. Lyse

Painted photographs by ImagineStudio