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The Only Titanic I Would Watch Again

The Only Titanic I Would Watch Again. Titanic, 1997

Titanic, 1997. The Only Titanic I Would Watch Again

The Only Titanic I Would Watch Again.
Wednesday, April 4, 1997, nearly 100 years after the Titanic sunk, and more than a decade since the world re-lived the occasion in James Cameron’s iconic film, the unsinkable ship returns to the big screen in 3D. “We do look very different, we’re older,” Winslet began. “Leo’s 37, I’m 36 – we were 21 and 22 when we made that film. You know, he’s fatter now. I’m thinner.” Leonardo said that “Titanic” was the movie that gave him control of his career. After starring in the Blockbuster DiCaprio had the opportunity to pick and choose his roles.
In fact, creating a three-dimensional version of “Titanic” cost $ 18 million and required 60 weeks. Meanwhile, for the leading role claimed Matthew McConaughey, but James Cameron insisted on Leonardo DiCaprio’s candidacy. Besides, Gwyneth Paltrow should play the role of Rose.

Titanic, 1997

Jack Dawson and Rose in Titanic, 1997

Interesting facts:

Paintings used in the film, are the originals. One of these paintings was the work of Pablo Picasso “Guitarist”, 1903, from the Paris art museum. Many of the scenery – from rugs to chandeliers – recreated from archival sketches of companies involved in the creation of the entourage of “Titanic.”

Interestingly, it was James Cameron, who created drawings, and it was his hands we see in the film, but as the director – left-handed, mounting frames were mirror inverted. All the other pictures in the album of Jack are also a talented art work of James.

In fact, Cameron was strongly against the use of any songs in the film. And then the composer James Horner decided to play a trick. Unknown to James, he and Will Jennings (lyricist) and singer Celine Dion recorded the song «My Heart Will Go On». Later they handed to James the record.

The film led the U.S. box office for 15 weeks, from 19 December 1997 to 2 April 1998.

Layout of the ship in full size was built in the waters of the huge pool at Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Construction began on the day of the 85th anniversary of the launch of Titanic – May 31, 1996. In order to reduce the overhead of repeated vehicle components (such as windows) were reduced, and some parts were modeled by only 90%.

Actress Gloria Stuart Rose portrayed the aged lady, as according to the script, she was 101 years old. Gloria herself, at the time of the shooting was only 86, and she was extremely unpleasant to use makeup to look even older.

On the last night of filming in Nova Scotia some jokers slipped phencyclidine (“angel dust”) in the clam chowder, prepared for the crew team. This drug has hallucinogenic effect, which violates the coordination of movement and thought. Unfortunately, 80 people became seriously ill, and many were hospitalized with acute hallucinations. After the incident, the actor Bill Paxton was in a depression for two weeks.

The most expensive cabin on the Titanic was worth 4,350 dollars, which today is the equivalent of 75,000 U.S. dollars.

While working on the script, James Cameron insisted on the fact that the main characters – Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Byukeyter were fictional ones. And only after the work on the script was over, James learned that on board of the Titanic was a passenger, “J. Dawson”, born in 1888 in Dublin. Joseph’s body was buried in Nova Scotia, along with the other dead. Today, his tomb (N 227) is the most visited in the cemetery.

In casting the role of Jack Dawson was Christian Bale, however, Cameron rejected his candidacy. Besides, actor Macaulay Culkin could also play the role of Jack Dawson.

Meanwhile, from the mouth of Jack name “Rose” sounds exactly 76 times. However, standard for lovers “I love you,” Rose said only once – at the end of the movie. Jack for the entire three hours of action does not say this phrase at all.

By the way, Gloria Stuart was the only one among all those who took part in the shooting, who lived at the time of this accident, “Titanic” in 1912.

The longest in the world at the box office film Titanic was at the cinema “Salute” in Yekaterinburg. And the Guinness Book of Records documented the fact.

Also, The laboratory of the Institute of Oceanology, submersibles of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted the underwater photography of wreck of “Titanic”.

The Only Titanic I Would Watch Again