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Petroleum paintings by Ludmila Zhizhenko

Flying cranes

Flying cranes. Petroleum paintings by Ludmila Zhizhenko

Belarusian artist Ludmila Zhizhenko invented a new technology of painting. New technology resembles watercolor on wet paper, but instead of watercolor paints she uses oil (petroleum) produced in the Gomel region. Ludmila Zhizhenko worked for several years as a designer at Petroleum company, where she painted her first picture in oil. Works painted in petroleum have an unusual color and resemble vintage yellowed photographs. Ludmila Zhizhenko has arranged an exhibitions of her “petroleum” works.

Autumn Bouquet

Autumn Bouquet. Petroleum paintings by Ludmila Zhizhenko

On the walls of the studio of Gomel artist Ludmila Zhizhenko two dozen of such petroleum paintings. Ludmila Zhizhenko is a professional artist, started working with oil relatively recent. Prior to that she practiced traditional oil and watercolor. Petroleum paintings is now her favorite technique. Creative approach for this material results in a beautiful painting.

Ludmila Zhizhenko shares some secrets of her skills – “It is important not to stop putting stroke after stroke. Otherwise if the oil dries out – will be very difficult to fix something”. Unusual paint gives the picture an unusual color. The artist says – the color of the earth. And this means life.

Petroleum painting technique is very similar to the photo of the last century. This is interesting – a synthesis of photography and painting. This is just a new direction in perspective. Spring floods, summer fishing, or village in winter – all the pictures are from nature. It is also the specifics of working with oil – in which are almost all the chemical elements of a periodic table.

Ludmila Zhizhenko is a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers. She lives and works in Gomel, Belarus. She graduated from the Minsk Art School named after AK Glebov. Ludmila Zhizhenko works in the genres of portrait, landscape, still life. She started an original technique of petroleum painting in 2009.

Exhibition of the artist:

1996 – Italy, city of Bussero, solo exhibition “Chernobyl – a sign of trouble”
1997 – Italy, solo exhibition “My Belarus”
1997 – Belarus, Gomel, Social and Cultural Centre, solo exhibition “Colors of Polessie land”
1998 – Belarus, Gomel State University named after F. Skorina, solo exhibition “Palette of autumn”
1999 – Belarus, Gomel, Folk Art Center, solo exhibition “Woman. Spring. flowers”
1999 – Germany, Viktorburg, solo exhibition
1999 – Germany, Aurih, solo exhibition
2001 – Germany, Valdbrel, solo exhibition
2011 – Belarus, Gomel, Art Gallery named after H.K.Vaschenko, solo exhibition of oil works “Colors of our subsoil”
2011 – Belarus, Mozyr, solo exhibition of oil works “Landscapes of the oil region”
2012 – Russia, Bryansk, City Exhibition Hall, solo exhibition of oil works “Pumping oil in Art”

Her works are in private collections abroad.

Petroleum paintings by Ludmila Zhizhenko