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Russian artist Ivan Selivanov

Dog. Painting by Russian artist Ivan Selivanov

Dog. Painting by Russian artist Ivan Selivanov

Russian artist Ivan Selivanov (1907-1988) began painting in the early 1940s and did not cease until death. Self-taught artists Selivanov received the most enthusiastic comments from artists, art historians. Ivan Egorovich Selivanov is often compared to the great original artist Vincent Van Gogh. His name deservedly stands next to Niko Pirosmani and Henri Rousseau. In 1969, the well-known documentary filmmaker M. Litvyakov made ​​the film “People of Kuznetsk land,” one of the stories of which was devoted to Ivan Selivanov, and in 1984 was made a feature film directed by V. Prokhorov, “Seraphim Polubes and other inhabitants of the Earth”, which is based on Selivanov’s biography, his works were shown in the film. The works of unique Siberian artist Ivan Selivanov were admired in Paris, London, Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Bonn, Montreal, New York.

A boy's portrait

A boy’s portrait

Yevtushenko once wrote: “A poet in Russia is more than a poet.” Following him we can say, “And an artist in Russia is more than an artist.” Especially amateur artist. He is not only an artist, he is also a thinker, and a converter of life.

A cap and ink

A cap and ink. Russian artist Ivan Selivanov

From the diary of Russian artist Ivan Selivanov:

“… Man is the creator of bread – food and all values. This is the most important thing. This is the life of a man … concrete answer to the question of life. This word contains in the nature and the earth itself is alive. Try to understand. Nothing is dead … ”

A hen

A hen. Russian artist Ivan Selivanov

“In the ocean of humanity my personality – a figure not notable as a drop of water.

You are given such rights – look at the blue sky both in cloudy, rainy weather, and at the sun on a clear day. Nobody can prevent you from looking at earthly spaces that surround us. This is your inherent happiness, your love, your enjoyment, it’s your life.

Homeland, dignify thee … I love you, Russian land, after a night of darkness, when the sun rises. All is breathing, all is laughing, looking into your eyes. Your heart is dancing. You are so good, my Russian land!

When I was a child forests were cut down without restraint. Beautiful trees were wiped out by people. And I feel so sorry about those beautiful species, which grew sixty-five years ago, and which don’t exist now. Sadness about forest I feel in my heart. Now there is no place to live for the beast. When I think about it – my soul yearns …

I was offered to sell my work in a foreign museum, when the exhibition was abroad, I refused. My work is for my country. I was born by my mother Tatiana Yegorovna not for big money, not for a life of luxury, but simply for life, as every living thing in nature.

The world is big, diverse, every one in his own living: who sells, who laughs and puts the profits in his pocket. Sometimes my heart is contracting. The vulgar world I can not look at. I searched for the truth in the wide world, truth can not be found anywhere. It is somewhere under cover, in a crevice, and looking at the world. Solves the major issues: it wants to eliminate all poverty.

A person who doesn’t believe in anything – is an idiot.

Ivan Selivanov died in 1988 alone, abandoned by friends and fans. Selivanov has left us images of his life with prophetic words: “Man lives as long as his life is happy.”

Painting by Russian artist Ivan Selivanov

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