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Sandra Dieckmann illustrations

Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2011. "Fox Tree". Sandra Dieckmann illustrations

Little fox in scarf, inspired by the Leonard Cohen song ‘Night comes on’. Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2011. “Fox Tree”. Sandra Dieckmann illustrations

Sandra Dieckmann illustrations
British artist Sandra Dieckmann applies her skills to a wide array of international commissions and projects. According to her online portfolio, in 2011 Sandra Dieckmann won an award for Upcoming Talent in Illustration in the UK for her image ‘Fox Tree’. Now 28 year-old British artist lives and works as a Freelance illustrator in East London and is very content with her friends and her cat Little Crumb.
“The best folktales have a dark edge. Conversely, the best folk art pops with color – perhaps as a visual way of whistling in the dark, perhaps a celebration of the richness of northern Europe’s storytelling tradition. Sandra Dieckmann’s nature inspired illustration has got that elusive, comfortable yet disquieting quality in spades.”(Digital Artist Magazine).

Illustration by British artist Sandra Dieckmann

Little wolf in the hands. Book Illustration by British artist Sandra Dieckmann

Sandra Dieckmann illustrations