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Scotch sculpture contest

Scotch sculpture contest. Sculpture made of Scotch packaging tape

Equilibrist artist made of packaging tape. Scotch sculpture contest

Scotch sculpture contest
In fact, this contest proves that a person can create art from materials that are right on your desk! In particular, using rolls of Scotch packaging tape, artists made incredible sculptures. For example, Jake Longenecker nabbed first place in The Scotch Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest, presenting his “Free Fallin”. Finalists also included Abigail Colety from Austin, Texas who created “Game Night,” Gavin Mann who depicted “The Creation of Adam” and Michelle Noe who brought to life a “Tight Rope Tape Walker.”

FREE FALLIN'by Jake L, Manheim, PA

The inspiration behind this project came from WWII era paratroopers. The artist’s objective was to capture the action and intensity of such a simple and graceful act, such as falling through the sky. FREE FALLIN’by Jake L, Manheim, PA

Scotch sculpture contest

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