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Sculpture Garden by Bruno Torfs

Wonderful Sculpture Garden by Bruno Torfs

A mermaid. Sculpture Garden by Bruno Torfs, Australia based artist

According to the visitors, Sculpture Garden by Bruno Torfs bringsjoy and inspiration to people visiting this fairy tale world located in the forest. Born in South America, talented and creative sculptor Bruno Torfs lived there with his family till the age of fifteen. Then, he moved to Australia after traveling Europe up and down, wanting to bring his dream to life. And The Victorian village of Marysville, 95 km from Melbourne, was the perfect place to develop Bruno’s wish to create a sculpture garden. So, he bought a property, including a generous piece of sub-alpine forest, and after five months of hard work, he opened to the public Bruno’s Art Sculpture Garden.

Garden by Bruno Torfs

Old Snake charmer. Wonderful Sculpture Garden by Australia based artist Bruno Torfs

Unfortunately, almost all of his creations were burnt in a bushfire on the 7th of February 2009. But, thanks God, Bruno and his family are safe and well. And the artist had to start from the beginning. Meanwhile, after the rebuilding the Gardens are now open to the public. Besides, in addition to the sculptures, the artist has a gallery of 200 works of art – sketches and small sculptures from all over Europe.

Sculpture Garden by Bruno Torfs