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Venetian Fantasy by Alex Levin

Venetian Fantasy by Alex Levin

Through the mask’s eyes. Venetian Fantasy by Alex Levin

Venetian Fantasy by Alex Levin
“I have disappeared under costume and a mask of the clown. My ideas, intentions, actions are unpredictable. I am able to get reincarnated constantly and with laughter do things that for many can seem forbidden or obscene. To love not loving … “. ~ Giacomo Girolamo Casanova
Born in 1975 in Kiev, Alex Levin is a talented Ukrainian artist. He graduated from the Art Academy with honors. In 1990 Alex Levin immigrated to Israel, where he continues to live in the city of Herzeliya. After serving 3 years in Israel Army, in 1997 entered the industrial and web design program which was a great benefit for his art work. The main painting styles of paintings by Alex Levin are Surrealism and Realism.
Beautiful Artworks of Levin, such as Venetian Fantasy are in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections in the United States of America, Israel, France, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland and Belgium.

Venetian Fantasy by Ukrainian artist Alex Levin

Romantic Venice. Venetian Fantasy by Alex Levin

A young artist, who has just turned thirty years old, became acknowledged by world celebrities and public figures, including Richard Gere, Madonna, Canadian Jazz player Oscar Peterson and former president of Israel Ezer Weizman.

Alex Levin is currently working on traditions of Jewish Heritage and his favorite theme “Venice through the mask’s eyes”. An artist’s new vision of a Venice Carnival takes a completely unique approach and presents a viewer with a lavish and most prominent feature of Venetian carnival – the Mask.
Meanwhile, the earlier paintings from “Mask collection” introduced in 2002 in Venice received awards. In addition, the scholarship to Venice Academy of Art to support artist’s continuing artistic development and enable him to devote substantial time to the creation of new work.

Besides, in his collection of works – Jerusalem’s holy Western Wall and it’s surrounding religious neighborhood. Through the strokes of his brush, Alex has captured the inhabitants of Jerusalem’s ultra orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, Jewish Attributes and people at the Western Wall, one of Judaism most holy places…

Noteworthy, in 2007 Alex received the Medal Award for the Contribution to the Judaic Art from the Knesset.

Venetian Fantasy by Alex Levin