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Creative Clocks by Larisa Stolyarova

Creative Clocks by Larisa Stolyarova

Sunflowers. Creative Clocks by Larisa Stolyarova Siberian artist

Creative Clocks by Larisa Stolyarova
A skillful artist from Novosibirsk, Larisa Stolyarova worked in a flower shop for a long time. However, soon she realized that she wanted to express herself in painting on glass… So, in 2010 Larisa Stolyarova opened her own art studio “Beatriche” for creative ideas and works. In her studio she creates beautiful decorative handmade clocks, jewelry, batik and also provides training and master classes.
According to Larisa, she has loved to create different things with her hands since childhood. And she also loved to give away her works to her friends and relatives. Besides, her dream was to have her own workshop, where she could create … Fortunately, the dream came true. So, in 2010 Larisa opened her own studio of creative ideas and works of authorship “Beatriche”.

Clocks by Siberian artist Larisa Stolyarova

Night dreamer. Clocks by Siberian artist Larisa Stolyarova

Meanwhile, the previous job of a Florist taught her a lot: the right mix of color, working with the composition and texture. At the same time, studying the technique of making a collage, combining different styles and trends in floral design, the artist developed her artistic ability. Interior decoration with flora materials is now her favorite topic.

However, soon Larisa realized she wanted to express herself in different directions of art. And painting on glass attracted her most of all. She has learned much about this amazing technique. Stained glass painting allows to design rich, vibrant and unique works of art. So, Larisa began creating wall clocks with various designs.

The clocks do not just show the time, they decorate the room of an apartment or house. Through a combination of various techniques and materials, she manage to create unusual works. Their design carries a positive charge, gives a smile because all the watch are made with love and and soul.

“I’ve read somewhere in a book when something happens that is unbearable to you, sometimes, time stops. Like your inner clock just stops working, even if the world keeps spinning you will stand still for the rest of your life.” ― Katja Michael, She Came at Dawn

Creative Clocks by Larisa Stolyarova