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Delicious art by pastry chief artist Zhanna Zubova

Delicious art by pastry chief artist Zhanna Zubova

Beautiful and delicious art by pastry chief artist Zhanna Zubova

Delicious art by pastry chief artist Zhanna Zubova
When you look at these pictures, it is difficult to even suggest that these pieces of art are edible and very tasty. Fantastically beautiful and detailed cakes are creations of a pastry chef artist from St. Petersburg Zhanna Zubova and her assistants Olga Shilova and Andrei Bishkov. Zhanna finished the Roerich art college in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a degree in graphic design, but her first cake she had baked long before – when she was 13 years old. The cake may look like almost anything, and often done precisely according to the sketches. It is frustrating that the masterpieces, which took so much soul and labor, are eaten without mercy. “I really enjoy reviews that cakes are not only beautiful but also delicious,” says Zhanna Zubova.

Cakes made by cook artist Zhanna Zubova

‘Package with Pepsi’. Delicious art by pastry chief artist Zhanna Zubova

Once the driver who came for the cake “package with Pepsi”, was not able to understand where the actual cake was. And once a buyer almost hung a piece of Zhanna’s cake on the wall, having decided that it’s for interior decoration.

The shape of cake depends on measure, of what ingredients it will be cooked. If low cakes with simple shapes can be prepared on the basis of souffle, whipped cream or sour cream, to support a relatively solid constructions of high and thick material you need chocolate, waffles, buttery cream. Waffles and chocolate are preferred.

For particularly complex shapes a solid frame has been built. For art sculpting marzipan is best, Zhanna calls it edible clay, it is plastic and, importantly, delicious. For very fine and intricate detail (figurines, flowers, gears for our steampunk cake) the artist uses sugar paste: Unlike the Marzipan, it dries up and has extremely accurate shape.

There are two basic approaches to creating forms on the cake. The application assumes that on the cake are gradually put decorative items made of marzipan, in advance, mastics or chocolate. Sometimes you have to act opposite: remove stuff from the cake, leaving only the required forms, like a sculptor, cutting off all superfluous from marble blocks. She uses the knives of various shapes. “My principle: use whatever is at hand,” says Zhanna.

Delicious art by pastry chief artist Zhanna Zubova