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Emma Shapplin French beauty

Emma Shapplin French beauty. French operatic coloratura soprano Emma Shapplin

Singer, operatic coloratura soprano, author, composer, and producer. Emma Shapplin French beauty

Emma Shapplin French beauty
Born 19 May 1974, Crystele Madeleine Joliton (her real name) grew up in the family of music lovers. She made a splash in the music world, combining XIX century classical music with modern electronic rhythms, percussion, bass guitar and operatic chorus. Particularly, her debut album “Carmine Meo” (1997) soared to the top of the music charts in 26 countries and in just three months, has become the “gold”. So, released into the disc “Etterna” consolidated the position of the young singer in the starry sky.
The future French operatic coloratura soprano spent her childhood in the Paris suburb of Savigny. Although raised speaking French, most of Shapplin’s songs are in old Latin or Italian. In particular, Carmine Meo translated from French into Latin and old Italian, as the older Italian “lends itself more to poetry, to dreaming, and to drama too”. This multi-talented and enigmatic female artist is offering a show full of sensuality, delicacy, emotions and drama. With her incredible powerful and pure crystal voice.

French operatic coloratura soprano Emma Shapplin

Black and white. Emma Shapplin

Shapplin’s beauty and her restlessness inherited from the mother and father, undoubtedly helps her in the actress career. Although Chaplin family was a family of music lovers, but no one has ever even thought about that Emma could become a global star. At the time, while other children sang songs about bells and roses, Emma sang Mozart. Music has become a whole life of Emma. A true nature lover, Emma has instilled a passion for life and the love of all that surrounds us.

Emma took the unexpected decision to write lyrics and sing in Italian – a language not native to herself. Even more surprisingly, she chose not modern spoken language, but ancient, poetic period of the 14th century and the quaint Italian authors such as Dante and Boccaccio. According to her, she wanted something that would be eternal, like a dream come true value.

Emma Shapplin French beauty