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English artist Peter Ellenshaw

Poppies-Monet's Pond. English artist Peter Ellenshaw

Poppies – Monet’s Pond. English artist Peter Ellenshaw

English artist Peter Ellenshaw (1913-2007) was born in London. His artistic career has spanned more than seven decades. Peter Ellenshaw is considered the chief master of marine and landscape painting of his generation. Peter Ellenshaw worked with many acclaimed directors including Walt Disney, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Powell. He was the owner of the Oscar for special effects artist, film production designer, illustrator and designer of formal concept of “Disney Legend.” Beautiful works by Peter Ellenshaw can be found in collections and galleries around the world. He has received numerous awards from many prestigious institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the American Film Institute in Chicago. In February 2007, Peter died peacefully at his home in Santa Barbara, California. He was 93.

English artist Peter Ellenshaw

Abandoned Cottage-County Mayo Ireland

“… As soon as I start painting, it quickly begins living its own life.” Richard Lynch spoke about the work of Peter Ellenshaw: His scenes are never static, they are infused with the same energy that constantly drives this artist.

Paradise Lost - The Garden of Eden

Paradise Lost – The Garden of Eden

John Milton wrote the poem “Paradise Lost” (Paradise Lost) in 1667.
And in the mid-1800s the French artist Gustave Dore engravings made ​​on this epic poem. Peter Ellenshaw made ​​a series of paintings based on this classic story of the Fall and the temptation of Adam and Eve.
Here he depicts the Garden of Eden in all its beauty and grandeur.
But soon with a vengeance Satan total paradise was lost forever.

Paradise Lost - The Tree of Knowledge

Paradise Lost – The Tree of Knowledge

Epic John Milton “Paradise Lost” was painted more than three hundred years ago. The story of Angel and the rebellion Lucifer in heaven, and his eventual defeat and exile in hell. In an effort to take revenge on God, the fallen angel appears in the guise of a serpent in the Garden of Eden. He persuades Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. Then God expels Adam and Eve from the garden, condemning mankind for eternity.

English artist Peter Ellenshaw