Fabulous mosaic by Laura Harris

Beautiful mosaic by Laura Harris
A woman as Angel with wings. Beautiful mosaic by Laura Harris, American artist

Fabulous mosaic by Laura Harris
Talented American artist Laura Harris was born in 1961 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She got philological education, and worked as a teacher for more than fifteen years. Besides, has been recognized as the best teacher of the State of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the disease, in particular, progressive multiple sclerosis, forced her to leave her beloved job and do at least a favorite hobby. However, Laura did not give up, and devoted herself to art. As Laura Harris herself says: “No silver lining …. I was involved in art my whole life. My father was an artist, and I remember as a child, he forbade me to use a coloring book, because they limit the imagination.” And now, in his home studio, she creates a fabulous mosaic of various materials: glazes, porcelain, cut mirrors, beads, buttons, gears from old clock, river pebbles, etc.

mosaic by Laura Harris
Red hair. Beautiful mosaic by American artist Laura Harris

Fabulous mosaic by Laura Harris

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