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Fashionable style a-la-Russe

Russian super model Xenia Kahnovich. Fashionable style a-la-Russe

Super model Xenia Kahnovich in traditional red color clothes. Fashionable style a-la-Russe

Fashionable style a-la-Russe
It’s no secret that the style known as “a la Russe” always causes a storm of enthusiastic reviews at home and abroad. Many designers are turning to traditional Russian themes in the clothing, creating a collection with a strong national flavor. However, the only thing I hate about any fashion show, and in particular, Russian fashion show – using fur, that’s why I avoid posting fur fashion pictures. Accordingly, here is a beautiful collection – clothes and accessories from Pavlovo Posadsk scarves, bright colorful motifs, the splendor of flowers and a variety of patterns – a complete joy and good mood!
Undoubtedly, celebrities love the style of “a la Russe,” and Pavlovoposad scarves – one of the most popular Russian scarves, widely used by women of fashion, both in Russia and abroad.

style a-la-Russe

Known as “a-la-Russe” fashion style

Fashionable style a-la-Russe