200-year-old Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls

200-year-old Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls

Pavlovsky Posad Shawls
Beautiful Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls

200-year-old Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls
A symbol of Russia, authentic masterpieces of this Russian national craft, Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls are made at the Pavlov Posad factory in a small town outside Moscow. The factory has been there since 1812. Scarf has always been one of the essential attributes of the Russian national traditional costume as everyday and festive. To appear in public with an uncovered head was considered indecent in Russia, this custom has survived to the present time in the Orthodox churches, women visiting church must cover their heads.

Pavlovsky Posad Shawls
Floral motif, classic Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls

Traditional drawings presented on scarves – ancient pagan images and symbols, such as songbirds, the tree of life, the image of a swan, oriental ornaments – beans and paisley. Later to these designs were added borrowed from Europe antique vases and French bouquets, large flowers. Pavlovsky Posad Shawls get high quality awards at international fares and exhibitions.

After the revolution of 1917 the company was nationalized, the factory produced scarves mostly using pictures of the old masters, but the products with the “modern” theme (portraits of the leaders of the revolution, industrialization, collectivization of the country) were popular. But gradually Pavlovo style came back to bright colors and floral ornaments, oriental patterns.

Craftsmen and artists Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufacture and still delight the eye with their fans with exquisite paintings and ornaments, which are constantly being improved and upgraded, but retain the style and tradition of the old masters.

The manufacturing techniques allowed to make both one sided and two sided print. There was a great variety to pick and choose from: with wide selection of patterns and fabrics and specially designed for different occasions. It goes without saying that they were rather up market product affordable only to wealthy merchant wives. The leading manufacturers at that time were Alexandrovs’ factory in Kaluga and Labzyn’s & Gryaznov’s manufacture in Moscow region, the latter went on to become the top Russian head dress producer.

Initially, Each manufacture had its own distinctive design by which an expert could tell one producer from another. For example, Pavlovo-Posad kerchiefs demonstrate their lush floral designs along the perimeter. And as a rule, field and garden flowers typical for this part of Russia. In particular, lilies considered classics, but used less often than roses. The center is mostly decorated with smaller flower garlands. Another frequent design in Pavlovo-Posad Shawls is eastern ornaments which were brought to Russia from Asia.

Originally a head dress and scarf was an important and meaningful element of Russian national costume, finally Pavlovo-Posad Shawls have become a favorite accessory of stylish ladies and even an inspiration for Russian haute couture designers. They are worn in variety of styles, regardless of season, for special occasions and just casually. They are widely regarded as a beautiful, high quality and chick accessory.

Pavlovo Posad shawls in art:

200-year-old Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawls


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