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Georgian artist Merab Abramishvili

Black leopard, Painting by Georgian artist Merab Abramishvili

Black leopard, painting by Georgian artist Merab Abramishvili

Georgian artist Merab Abramishvili (1957 – 2006)
A great Georgian artist, born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1957, Merab Abramishvili lived a short life. He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Georgia, Department of drawing. He was an outstanding and original artist. Merab Guramovich Abramishvili himself felt that his painting differs from all standards of painting. In his youth Merab did not sign his work and was not looking for world recognition. However, now his stunning and unique paintings decorate art museums in his native Georgia and abroad. In particular, the National Museum of Art, Tbilisi, the National Gallery of Art, also in Tbilisi, as well as Ludwig Museum, and Keln. In addition, in private collections in Finland, and USA. The artist died in 2006.

Paradise. Painting by Merab Abramishvili, Georgian artist

Paradise. Painting by Merab Abramishvili, Georgian artist

Meanwhile, in his youth, Merab took part in a scientific expedition organized to explore the frescoes temple Ateni Sion. It is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin in the village Ateni, near the town of Gori in Georgia, built in the VII century. The head of the expedition was the father of Merab, Guram Abramishvili, art critic and PhD. According to the artist, the expedition strongly influenced the formation of his personality. “For me Ateni is the primary source. Here, I got energy, and I paint almost all day and night.” – said the artist. He began to paint copies of frescoes of Ateni Sion church and continued this work for many years.

Merab Abramishvili painted on the board, primed with gesso, tempera paints creating a certain blurring of lines. At the end, the surface is coated with egg yolk. Thus, the work done with the help of this complex and time-consuming method, creates an impression of medieval frescoes. In the artist’s works occupy an important place a religious theme – is a theme to which the artist repeatedly returns during his life. Merab Abramishvili said: “My paintings are stories of peace in this world”.

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