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Guess what kind of animal it is

Guess what kind of animal it is

Due to illness or old age, animals can also suffer of hair loss. Guess what kind of animal it is

Guess what kind of animal it is. No, it’s not a monster from another planet or extinct species of naked dogs. This is the bald bear. People are not the only beings who are suffering from hair loss. Cause illness or old age, animals can also suffer of hair loss. Loss of hair, feathers or wool is called alopecia. It can have many different causes, such as natural processes (seasonal or old age), biological dysfunction (imbalance of vitamins and minerals), genetic mutations and various diseases. Some breeds of hairless animals were bred by man.

Guess what kind of animal it is. The Bald bear

The Bear. Guess what kind of animal it is

This is a normal bear, simply because of an illness, the poor animal lost all her hair … The two bold bears Dolores and Lolita, 15 and 11 years old live in a zoo in Leipzig, Germany. The reason of their illness is unknown, evidently the animals are in danger, whatever the reason is – food, medicine, chemistry. How the bears originating in South America are going to survive in the winter cold – that’s the main problem.

Bald rabbit. Born in 2009, this cute bunny instantly became famous on the Internet due to the fact that it was completely bald. But, fortunately, after 3 months it grew and its fur coat became furry, the same as his brothers and sisters’.

Oscar is a 35 year old female (Oscar – female, sounds strange) parrot cockatoo, who suffered from a disease that affected the beak and feathers. Oscar pulled out its own feathers because they annoyed her too.

Bald hedgehog Betty. This cutie – bald hedgehog Betty from the animal rescue center in the UK. It is absolutely healthy, but the cause of hair loss remains unknown.

Raccoon. In mammals can sometimes develop parasitic infestation (scabies, or fungal infection) which causes hair loss. This is a fairly common phenomenon in nature.

Penguin. This bald baby penguin was born without feathers and was abandoned by his parents at an aquarium in China. Workers of aquarium decided that the lack of feathers was caused by difficulties with food. But penguin survived, even new fur grew.

Naked rat is the result of crossing different combinations of genes. These rats are involved in laboratory research and provide valuable data on the different types of diseases.

Skinny – breed of guinea pigs. Almost naked skin with a residual body hair of the head and legs. The first mutation was detected in 1978 in one of the institutions of Montreal, where three females were kept with one male, who apparently was a carrier of the gene – from three females born skinny offspring.

Bald squirrels are found not so rare; their hair loss is usually associated with the disease caused by mites.

Chimpanzees, like other apes and people sometimes suffer from alopecia – a disease that causes lose of hair all over their bodies. These poor creatures attract many curious visitors in the Zoo.

The Peruvian hairless dogs. Machu Picchu (4-month puppy) has been proposed as a pet for President Barack Obama. Peruvian hairless dog is ideal for people with allergies.

Karmann – the orphaned baby wombat in Australia. Wombats are in the bag of mother to 7 months. Karmann was saved at the age of 3 months old when his mother died due to illness, so it does not have hair. Karmann is cared for in the center of the wild in Melbourne.

The baby kangaroo Sabrina, abandoned by her mother at the Serengeti Park in Germany. Now Sabrina constantly keeps warm wrapped in a blanket.

Guess what kind of animal it is