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Marina Vladi French actress of Russian origin

Marina Vladi French actress of Russian origin

In the role of medieval beauty – Marina Vladi French actress of Russian origin

Marina Vladi French actress of Russian origin
In the town of Clichy, France, on May 10, 1938, in a large family of Russian immigrants was born a future actress, writer, singer Marina Vladi. Her grandfather was a general of the White Army, and her grandmother graduated from the Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens. When in 1917 the Russian revolution broke out, and civil war began, her grandmother tried to take children away from the horrors of war, and soon the whole family sailed from Novorossiysk.
Unhappily, on an island in Greece, all children died of starvation, only Marina’s mother survived. Of the twelve children, only four survived. Then there was a move to Serbia, where Milica (Marina’s mother) earned for living by dancing at night clubs.

Marina Vladi French actress of Russian origin

Vlady reads a newspaper in the Palais de Chaillot theater with her husband Vladimir Vysotsky, a Russian anti-establishment actor, poet, songwriter and singer, during a rehearsal of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by Yuri Lyubimov. Vysotsky plays the lead role. Date Photographed: November 17, 1977. Paris, France

Marina’s father Vladimir Polyakov was from a wealthy Russian family. He graduated from the Conservatory and became a soloist of Russian opera in Paris. Once the theater was on tour in Yugoslavia, where Milica Baydarova and Vladimir Polyakov met. After their marriage Marina was born.

She dreamed of becoming an actress, and always wanted to be a ballerina, and even studied at the Ballet School at the “Grand Opera” in Paris. This is where Marina first met her future husband, Robert Hossein.

Their wedding took place in 1955, but failed to live together. Even their two sons Igor and Peter, couldn’t save their marriage. In 1959, Marina and Robert got divorced.

In 1963, Marina Vlady married Jean Claude Bruy, the owner of airlines in Africa and the Military pilot. But the marriage failed, lasted only three years, after which the family split up.

Marina Vlady became movie actress very early. Though she managed to play in sixteen films, real fame came to her after the film “Bewitched,” and in 1955, Marina celebrated her seventeenth birthday, which coincided with the seventeenth film, where she co-starred.

In 1967 Marina was a guest at the Moscow Film Festival, there she met with Vladimir Vysotsky. The actress was offered to watch a rehearsal of the play “Pugachev” and she agreed. Marina was impressed by Vysotsky as Pugachev. In the evening they met at a restaurant … December 1, 1971 she married Vladimir Vysotsky. They decided that after the marriage Vysotsky would leave the USSR. But it was only an illusion, which quickly gave way to bitter disappointment … In Russia, he felt himself a prisoner, and in France – a useless man. But as Marina says, it was a happy marriage.
July 25, 1980, Vladimir Vysotsky passed away. Marina struggled with the illness of her husband, but could not save him from death. She grieved the death of Vladimir Vysotsky, and went through the depression. Friends came to her, tried to support, but nothing helped.

Their family physician Leon Schwarzenberg helped during the illness of Marina, they decided to be together. Simone Signoret, Marina Vlady’s friend, seeing what she was going through, advised her to engage in literary activities. It distracted Marina from the painful memories. Thus was born her first book, “Vladimir, or aborted flight.”

In 1989 she released her second book, “Stories for the police.” And in 1990 came to light just two of her books, “The Venetian collector” and “Journey of Sergei Ivanovich.” The last book was written about the Afghan events. Marina worked on this book long and hard. She met with members of the Afghan events, revised several times documentaries about Afghanistan at that time. Each chapter ended with verses of Vysotsky. There were other books, “24 frames per second,” “My cherry orchard.”

Her latest book “A Man in Black On the beach”, Marina Vlady devoted to Leon Schwarzenberg, who died of cancer. On the seventieth birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky Marina Vlady gave a solo performance of her first book about Vysotsky, she sang at the Paris theater “Boof du Nord”.

Marina Vladi French actress of Russian origin

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