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He who listens at doors hears more than he desires

angel gate. He who listens at doors hears more than he desires

Angel gate. He who listens at doors hears more than he desires

According to French proverb, He who listens at doors hears more than he desires. Meanwhile, a proverb expresses truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. The word “Doors” in different languages is metaphorical and means also pathway of “Opportunity”. The doors in photographs are more than doors, they are exceptionally beautiful, inspiring, some even pieces of art. Besides, these doors are mostly from European countries, although every culture has its own unique doors and proverbs about doors. I’ll start with a Russian proverb – Trust in God but lock your doors.

He who listens at doors hears more than he desires. Sri Lanka, Kandy Hindu temple

Sri Lanka, Kandy Hindu temple

A truth-teller finds the doors closed against him. Danish Proverb.
When fortune comes, open your doors. Italian Proverb
Walls have ears, paper sliding doors have eyes. Japanese Proverb.
If you deal in camels, make the doors high. Afghan Proverb
The greatest step is out of doors. German Proverb
You a lady, I a lady, who is to put the sow out of doors? Galician Proverb.
Three things drive a man out of doors: smoke, dropping water, and a shrew. Italian Proverb
You surround your vineyard with thorns – place doors and locks on your mouth. Italian Proverb
The words of the elders do not lock all the doors, they leave the right door open. African Proverb
Stupidity closes the doors of kindness. Mexican Proverb
You may shut your doors against a thief, but not against a liar. Danish Proverb.
Death closes all doors. English Proverb
Beauty may open doors but only virtue enters. English Proverb
Great mansions have slippery doors. Irish Proverb
Patience can break through iron doors. Yugoslavian Proverb
Flattery sits in the parlour when plain dealing is kicked out of doors. Yiddish proverb
Follow the saint no further than his doorstep. Egyptian Proverb
Three things drive a man outdoors; smoke, a leaking roof and a scolding wife. Traditional Proverb
If everyone cleaned his own doorstep, all the streets would be clean. Hebrew Proverb
The doorstep weeps for forty days whenever a girl is born. Arab Proverb
The doorstep of the palace is very slippery. Polish Proverb
Sweep first before your own door, before you sweep the doorsteps of your neighbors. Swedish Proverb
He who wants to tell the truth will always stand before closed doors. Danish Proverb
The doorstep of a great house is slippery. Irish Proverb.
It is no fun to guard a house with two doors. Spanish Proverb
It’s a big wind that blows on small doors. French Proverb.
A doorstep is the highest of all mountains. Slovenian Proverb
Sweep before your own door first before you sweep before the doorsteps of your neighbors. Norwegian Proverb.
The person who deals in camels should make the doors high. Syrian Proverb.
Walls have ears, doors have eyes. Thai Proverb.
Sweep around your own doorstep first. American Proverb.
A small key opens big doors. Kurdish Proverb
Clean your own doorstep before you clean someone else’s. American Proverb
Men shut their doors against the setting sun. American Proverb.
There’s a dub at every door, and before some doors there’s twa. Scottish Proverb.
Trust, but locate the doors. Klingon Proverb
Money opens all doors. Romanian Proverb
At open doors dogs come in. Romanian Proverb
If every man would sweep his own doorstep the city would soon be clean. Romanian Proverb
It is a sin against hospitality to open the doors and shut up the countenance. English Proverb

He who listens at doors hears more than he desires