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If nothing goes right – go left

Feelings. If nothing goes right

Feelings. If nothing goes right, go left

If nothing goes right
We live in such tough time, when money is one of the most important mean that helps to put affairs into order. That is why most people go out to get a well-paid job with perspectives. But can that bring real happiness?
According to scientists, the satisfaction of physiological needs can’t be the base of a person’s life. In fact, we need self-affirmation, self-actualization and the feeling of belonging. And a mixture of these needs can make a person happy. However, to become blissfully happy a person needs to have a beloved person who will be ready to support him at any moment. Undoubtedly, Love is what we need.


Beautiful and delicate bouquet of flowers in a book

According to the statistics made by the “Levado Center” (1600 people were questioned, 18 years old), every second person in Russia is in love (51%), 42% are not and 7% find it difficult to answer. Meanwhile, the majority of those who are in love said that love helps them look forward to the future with faith. And it is really true, an enamored person becomes inspired. In particular, he becomes more opened to the world and everything becomes much easier to achieve.

If nothing goes right

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