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Interesting facts about Camels

Interesting facts about Camels

Beautiful animal inhabiting Asia and Africa, called “the ship of desert”. Interesting facts about Camels

Some interesting facts about Camels
First of all, the camel is a cud-chewing mammal that lives in the desert. By storing fat in its single or double hump, this animal can travel great distances without eating or drinking.
An herbivore animal, camel lives primarily in Asia and Africa. Its feet uniquely suit to walking in the sand without sinking. Meanwhile, each foot has two large toes with webbing between them to expand the surface area. A camel can be about 7 feet tall and weigh up to 1,500 pounds.
Domesticated by humans about 5000 years ago, camels can live up to approximately fifty years.

Camel facts

Interestingly, camels have thick eyelashes that could be the envy of many women. In particular, camels have two rows of long, thick eyelashes to protect their eyes from blowing sand

The color of a camel’s coat can vary ranging from beige to dark brown. Camels shed their heavy winter coat each year.

Contrary to popular belief, camels do not store water in their humps. Water is in their blood which allows them to go for several days without water or food. A camels hump is actually a reservoir of fatty tissue.

A female camel is referred to as a cow. A male is called a bull. A baby camel, as mentioned above is referred to as a calf.

A camel’s hump will shrink if it does not eat.

In the wild a camel’s natural diet is high in salt. Camels bred in captivity need a salt block to lick to ensure adequate salt content in their diet.
These animals take part in many festivals, including the world famous festival of Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan, as well as the beauty contest for camels in Abu Dhabi and the desert Holistan in Pakistan.


– can drink up to seven gallons of water a day.
– close their nostrils and lips tightly in order to keep sand out during desert storms.
– have small ears but excellent hearing.
– have stomachs with three sections. They eat grass, dates, wheat, oats, leaves and plants. They eat their food without chewing, regurgitate and chew the cud later.
– can carry an average of 1000 pounds for long distances.
– have leathery pads on their feet that spread to prevent them from sinking in the sand. They have two toes on each foot.
– are often found alone but these animals may be spotted in groups of about thirty camels.
– The gestation period of a camel is 11 months, and it is uually one calf at a time. Besides, baby camels – born without a hump.

Interesting facts about Camels