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Internet star 5-year-old girl Breanna Youn

Internet star 5-year-old girl Breanna Youn

Internet star 5-year-old girl Breanna Youn

5-year-old girl Breanna Youn has become the new star of the Internet. Breanna Youn was only five years old, but she has become a recognized celebrity on the Internet. Just as an example – the girl on her Instagram profile has got as many fans, as Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz. Of course not acting skills of the 5-year-old Korean girl caught the attention of Internet users, but the resourcefulness of her parents, who document every step of her life of luxury and upload photos on social networks. This story is a bit like a fairy tale, in which the role of the Good Witch got no fairy, but the social network Instagram.

5-year-old girl Breanna Youn - the new star of the Internet

5-year-old girl Breanna Youn – the new star of the Internet

Internet users love this girl from Korea, who really likes to pose for the camera, and experts in the field of social networks have no idea why Breanna Youn became so popular in the network. At first, her parents shared on Instagram «normal» photos girls, and sometimes her short films, in which she just sang popular songs.

According to the girl’s mother, her daughter has no special talents, and her popularity on Instagram is a mystery for the whole family.

Although parents recognize that their daughter is very charming and knows how to attract the attention of others. Before the young Breanna, became “world famous”, her family lived in a small apartment in the Korean city of Busan. The popularity of the girls are now so great that it begins to resemble a mass hysteria. The girl has 1,150,000 subscribers on Instagram. And in the comments, some even write “we love you more than our own children.”

The girl is now leading a luxurious life and likes to be photographed against the background of luxury car brand Rolls Royce and Ferrarii. Breanny Youn has got a lot of fans from the Middle East, rich sheikhs invited the whole family to the United Arab Emirates, while paying tickets in business class and stay in five-star hotel.

The girl even received an offer to run her own show on television in Dubai. The popularity of the girl on the Internet has changed the lives of all the members of her family: 27-year-old mother, Jacqueline, 34-year-old father Junghyuna and 7-year-old brother Braxton.

Resourceful girl’s parents decided that now the whole family will always live in the United Arab Emirates. They left their jobs in the Korean company engaged in the export of seafood and now live in Dubai due to the rich family took sponsors. They adopted Islam, and now they study Arabic.

Internet star 5-year-old girl Breanna Youn