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Living doll or alien girl from China

Living doll or alien girl from China

Social network Sina Weibo celebrity, Tina Leopard, alien girl from China

Living doll or alien girl from China
Undoubtedly, Chinese blogger and model Tina Leopard draws attention with her extremely sharp chin and large anime-like eyes. And she has lots of subscribers on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. A new fashion trend is spreading across the world – just remember Russian doll Valeria Lukyanova and Nastya Shpagina from Odessa, famous for their anime look. So, China’s most popular social media sites are practically flooding with tons of photos of young people clearly going out of their way to look as much like an anime character as possible. And they all use all kinds of tricks, in particular, lenses, tons of makeup, and plastic surgery. But what for? To shock the audience, to attract attention to their aliens appearance, to get more subscribers, and perhaps, make appearance a profitable business.

alien girl from China

Extraordinary appearance made Tina Leopard, Chinese alien girl very popular on social websites

Tina Leopard alien girl from China